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The Pet App

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The Pet App

How it Works:

  • Download the app!
  • Create your profile: Enter basic information about yourself and interests
  • Fill in pet name and pet type! Because we love all pets 🙂 
  • Start Pushing the Paw (liking) other pet lovers!
  • Don’t forget to add your pets photos in the “Charmr Settings”
  • Find pet lovers that share the same passion as you 
  • Don’t forget to find a deal in the area to go on a date with 

Why Charmr?

The Charmr dating app was designed with pet-lovers in mind, empowering users to connect through creating both personal profiles about themselves and pet profiles to share photos and activities. Through the app users can browse other local singles’ profiles and photos of pets, connecting through the push of a paw to match and start conversations. By partnering with pet-friendly brands and locations, matches can meet, bring their pets, and go on dates – all in the shared comfort and connection of their beloved pets.