Seattle’s Most Famous Instagram Pets

Today, there are tons of pets who’ve gained enough of a following on social media to earn the coveted title “pet influencer” and they can command tens of thousands of dollars creating content for brands.

Like most pet owners who adore their pets, they just can’t help but take a million photos of their pet. So, naturally, they start a special Instagram account just for their pet. After regularly posting content to their feed, it’s amazing how followers start to grow. Most owners, for example, had no expectations of it turning into anything. But pretty soon, pet brands start reaching out and sending them promotional items, treats, clothes, and eventually money to post content with their brand.

If you’re interested in how to become a pet influencer yourself, check out this blog post by Medium that breaks down just how to do it.

Without further ado, here are X of the most famous pets in on Instagram:

  • Sir Charles Barkley

The king of them all – Sir Charles Barkley has 456K followers on Instagram and 2,929 posts. This pup is an adorable white Frenchie who has the biggest grin. Sir Charles Barkley loves food and fashion so definitely give this account a follow for cute doggie outfit inspirations. He also partners with Follow: @barkleysircharles

  • Sodapop

Sodapop has 106K followers on Instagram and 701 posts. Wow talk about a famous pup! He is Cardigan Welsh Corgi with beautiful black and white coloring. Give this account a follow for snapshots of Sodapop outside going on walks and adventures or snuggling up inside with his toys and blankets. Follow: @popgoesthecorgi

  • Basil

Basil has 84K followers on Instagram and 1,314 posts. He is a beautiful golden retriever who loves his fruits, veggies, and going on adventures in the pacific northwest. Give this guy a follow for an extra dose of sweetness and even some bonus baby shots. Follow: @basilthegolden

  • Sawyer

Sawyer has 72K followers on Instagram and 375 posts. He is an Irish Setter dog and has a beautiful red, shiny coat. Sawyer and his owner truly love the outdoors so give this account a follow for exquisite shots of Sawyer exploring the pacific northwest in all its glory. Follow:

  • Dash

Dash is another golden retriever who has 34.6K followers on Instagram and 1,137 posts. He is sweet and spunky, enjoys going on adventures with his dad, and loves eating hot dogs. Give this doggo a follow for the latest breweries, sporting events, and bites to eat in Seattle.

  • Peanut

This little peanut has 27.4K followers on Instagram and 854 posts. If you love Corgi’s and their cute, peach shaped butts then give this account a follow. Peanut is partners with and @knoxdogwear. This pup is sweet, silly, and loves his Mahm. Follow: @thepeanutcorgi

  • Gojira

Gojira is a Chow Chow dog with 12.6K followers and 604 posts. This cute, little guy looks just like a lion and loves to spread joy through his fluff. Give this account follow to see Gojira enjoy the outdoors and especially the snow. We personally think he’s the cutest when he’s wet! Follow: @gojiraonadventures

  • Chilli

Chilli is a brown Bengal cat who has 8.5K followers and 135 posts. Chilli has beautiful spots, almost like a cheetah, icey blue eyes, and a sweet face. Follow Chilli for photos of him in cute neck ties and festive sweaters. He loves to eat chicken and is even leash trained! Follow: @begalchilli

  • Moose & Duckie

Moose and Duckie are two cute cats who have 3.4K followers and 122 posts. They are both re-homed, Siberian and Tortie adventure cats. Moose has long brown hair and pretty green eyes, while Duckie has the classic tortie print with an orange and black, short-haired coat. These cats are so cool! Give them a follow to see them explore snowy mountains, high deserts, Pike’s place, and lots more pacific northwest scenery. Follow: @moosetheadventurecat

  • Topper

One of the fine and few, Topper is a Cockatoo and has 281 followers and 108 posts. If you haven’t followed birds yet, seriously go do it! Birds are hilarious and can mimic their owners – we find this quite entertaining. Topper is white and quite silly, raising his feathers on top of his head when he’s curious or trying to show off. He sings, dances, squawks, and can even say a few words. Follow: @topperteetopper

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