5 Ways Owning A Pet Boosts Your Relationship

Pet owners already know that having a pet can help reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and act as a companion buddy. But how does owning pets affect your relationship? Here’s five benefits that owning a pet has when it comes to helping you and your partner bond:

  1. Pets help with learning 
    • Pets help increase the sensitivity and awareness of the feelings and needs of others – both in animals and humans. That’s why pets are commonly found in classroom environments. Needless to say, being aware of your feelings and how to connect with your partner is a major component of creating a deeper connection, building trust, and learning each other’s love languages. Pets can help open the door to making this transition and process of getting to know your partner easier.
  2. Pets provide comfort
    • No surprise here for us pet lovers, but still worth the mention – animals are a great source of comfort. To be in a successful relationship, you and your partner are going to need to find ways of feeling open in order to connect. Pets can help lighten the mood, reduce stress, and make you feel secure. This can happen subconsciously when they are around, instantly lightening the mood and creating the feeling of a safe environment. Pets can also be great listeners and help you talk through your emotions prior to having a tough conversation with your significant other. The sooner you can pin-point the problem, understand your feelings, and formulate it in a way your partner can understand, the sooner you can both move forward in being comfortable together.
  3. Pets encourage nurturing
    • This benefit is probably why serious couples always get a pet before they start having children. It’s like the perfect trial run. An article from com reveals one study involving pets and the impact they have on the development on the human ability to care for others. “Nurturing isn’t a quality that suddenly appears in adulthood when we need it,” Dr. Nelson says. “And you don’t learn to nurture because you were nurtured as a child. People need a way to practice being caregivers when they’re young.”
    • While not everyone is meant to be a parent, building a deep, healthy relationship with your partner still requires a somewhat nurturing environment. Pets also love to be nurtured and rely on us to provide them with love and affection.
  4. Pets help us build deep, emotional bonds
    • One of the biggest benefits of pets is often unexpected– they help us build deep, emotional bonds for one another. An article from Psychology Today states that social psychologists argue pets are natural objects of human attachment, being easily accessible, active, and affectionate.While always being affectionate and available is a major benefit of owning a pet, it’s not always the case when it comes to being in a relationship. And that’s okay! The key word here we want you to focus on is “active.” Sharing common activities with both your partner and your pet can be a great wat to enjoy new hobbies, increase physical activity, reduce stress, and build social connections. In the end, you and your spouse are both doing something you love, with the people you love – pets included – and this helps build the amount of quality time that you share together.
  5. Pets can help you fall in love
    • We all have different love languages. A common love language amongst many of us is spending quality time with our partner. Unfortunately, a major disconnect in today’s society amongst couples comes from the distraction of phones and social media. Competing for your partners attention or feeling disconnected can put a major strain on your relationship and prohibit deeper feelings from forming, such as trust and commitment. While forming a deep, emotional relationship takes a lot more work, such as being commitment and communicating, our beloved animals can help us put down our phone, disconnect from technology, and spend more quality time together – opening us up to an environment where love is in the air.

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