Why You Should Prioritize Your Pets in a Time of Pandemic

Covid-19 is the first global pandemic of the social media age, the first of the “alternative facts” era, and is occurring at a moment when politics and society seem to be in a state of accelerated flux.

Despite all of this chaos – the sea of misinformation, coronavirus memes, and frustration with the government’s response to combatting the pandemic – you may have some other questions and fears that are top of mind, such as:

  • Isolation?
  • Self-quarantine?
  • Social distancing?

What exactly do all of these terms mean? How is it going to affect our mental health? And can pets help play a part in keeping our sanity?

To answer these questions, let’s first define each of the above keywords:

  • Isolation: When you are sick, either at home or in the hospital, the person in isolation would be asked to wear a mask when leaving their room or traveling home from a medical facility. Complete isolation like so is to prevent the spreading of droplets that might contain the virus.
  • Self-quarantine:This is when — under state or federal law — individuals or groups are essentially on lockdown. Recent examples include passengers from cruise ships where other passengers fell ill with COVID-19; those passengers who didn’t fall ill on the ship were then required to stay at military bases for 14 days to see if they developed the disease.
  • Social distancing:This is the broadest category. It means not shaking hands, avoiding crowds, standing several feet from other people and, most important, staying home if you feel sick.It means trying to find the least-crowded train car or possibly driving instead of taking mass transit.